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Board – Certified

A huge thank you to the Certification Board for Music Therapists for helping our clients verify that we are, indeed, highly-qualified to provide clinical music therapy services! When searching for a Music Therapist, be sure that they are nationally board-certified through the one and only credentialing board, CBMT, and look for this badge!

Board-certified music therapists are able to practice music therapy with the highest level of proven, current music therapy knowledge using clinical and evidence-based music interventions. These interventions are utilized to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. This knowledge is enhanced by a program of required continuing education and renewal every five years.


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How to get FREE CEUs!

During this unprecedented time, we know that many music therapists are out of work and finances are tight.
Grieving normalcy is both helpful and needed. Be sure to take time for yourself when you can.

When you feel you have the time, energy, and capacity, this can be a great time to earn FREE continuing education credits. The CBMT recently released an awesome chart to help MTs easily navigate their new system for earning CMTE credits! Check it out when you can. We have curated a list below of all potential FREE options that can be found on the aforementioned chart.

We hope this helps you as you navigate your new normal. Hang in there, friends! Collectively, music therapists are creative, resilient, and a little stubborn… 😉 We’ll get through this!


     I. Online Training with CBMT Approved Providers:

    • What: May or may not be specific to music therapy
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Approved Provider Opportunities”
    • Create + Keep: Certificate of Completion
    • Credits: 1 Credit per 50 minutes (up to 100 allowed in a 5-year cycle)

     II. Other Online Training:

    • What: May or may not be specific to music therapy; trainings on Zoom,, Small Business Support etc
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Other Continuing Education Opportunities”
    • Create + Keep: Written summary + Proof of attendance
    • Credits: 1 Credit per 50 minutes (up to 100 allowed in a 5-year cycle)

     III. Reading Professional Publications:

    • What: Read and review journals, textbooks, online resources, etc. Does not have to be music therapy specific, but may be about a specific population, technique, etc.
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Read and Analyze Current Professional Publications”
    • Create + Keep: Written Summary + Full Reference Citation
    • Credits: 2 Credits per Journal article or book chapter (up to 100 allowed in a 5-year cycle)


     I. Create a Workshop/Course/Concurrent Session:

    • What: Create an online in-service for your co-workers (present now online, or wait until you are all together again!); begin writing a concurrent session for a future conference and get everything together NOW so that you are ready when the call for proposals comes out; pull together a small group of professionals to participate in a round-table discussion or a symposium
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Presentations”
    • Create + Keep: Written Summary + Proof of Delivery
    • Credits: 10 Credits per 50-150 minutes of delivery; 30 credits for more than 150 minutes of delivery


     I. Music Composition:

    • What: Create new music! We’re great at this! Write and compose songs for yourself or your clients
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Music Composition”
    • Create + Keep: Written Summary + Musical Score + Audio Recording
    • Credits: 5 Credits per composition (up to 50 allowed in a 5-year cycle)

     II. Apply for and Receive a Grant:

    • What: Apply for a program grant! This may be something you have wanted to do but have not had time to do it. Now is the time! Research what is out there and apply! You could get awarded funding AND get continuing ed!
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Grant Awards”
    • Create + Keep: Written Summary + Letter of Award
    • Credits: 10 Credits for less than $5,000; 30 Credits for $5,000+ (up to 100 allowed in a 5-year cycle)


     I. Establish a Music Therapy Internship Program:

    • What: Start an Internship Program! Currently, Internship programs are struggling to give their interns enough hours and some have had to suspend their internship program until the pandemic passes or indefinitely. We will need more internship programs when this is over!
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Establish a Music Therapy Internship”
    • Create + Keep: Verification from University (an MOU is great) or AMTA Approval Letter
    • Credits: 30 Credits for University-Affiliated; 50 Credits for National Roster (up to 100 allowed in a 5-year cycle)

     II. Volunteer and Give Back:

    • What: Give back to the profession and the community by serving on a board for a music therapy non-profit or a non-profit related to our field; Call your state, regional, or national music therapy rep/officer and see how you can give back or help in this time of need
    • Category of CBMT Credit: “Service to Music Therapy Profession”
    • Create + Keep: Written Summary + Verification of time from Chair or Executive Officer
    • Credits: 1 Credit per 50 minutes (up to 50 allowed in a 5-year cycle)

Best of luck to all of you during this time – we are here to help!

~ The Metro Music Therapy team 

Survey Results from The #MMTAcademy

A few weeks ago, we sent sent out a survey asking music therapists to answer 3 questions for us.

We had an overwhelming amount of responses, and want to thank all of you who took 5 minutes to be a part of this survey!

Many of you wanted to see the responses, so without further ado … here is our detailed analysis of the survey results! Click on the link below to download the pdf:

Metro Music Therapy Academy – Conference Survey Results

If you are wondering, The MMT Academy will be at AMTA National Conference this year, and would LOVE to meet you in person! Please be sure to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about the CMTE courses we offer.

crew at booth

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose the #MMTAcademy

M&S Class - Megumi singing smaller fileWe hear you, new professional music therapist…

“Conferences are only once a year and are really expensive.”
“Online education is great for some courses, but some things have to be taught in person.”
“I only see my MT colleagues once a year, and that’s *if* we can all make it to a conference.”
“It’s too hard to get enough credits with umbrella groupings.”

We hear you, seasoned music therapist…
“Courses offered at conferences are not always relevant to the issues I face as a music therapist.”
“We’re music therapists. We should be making music together in CMTE courses.”

We hear you, music therapy business owner…
“I simply cannot afford to send my entire team to an out-of-state conference.”
“I would love for our continuing education opportunities to also be team-building opportunities. I just haven’t found something like that yet.”

We’ve been listening. And here are our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The MMT Academy for your Continuing Education needs:

5. Course Content – We promise you will LOVE our courses and will find them valuable to your music therapy practice. How do we know, you ask? Simple: we conduct market research to find out what YOU want to learn and then create our courses to specifically meet your promo to print

4. Expertise – Our course instructors are from all walks of life: private practices, mental health, hospitals, hospices, schools, etc. Not only does the Metro Music Therapy team lead courses, but we also recruit some of the most influential music therapists in our field to teach our courses. And we are ALL ready to share our expertise with you.

3. Location (Location, Location!) – Because we have so many diverse music therapy programs here in the SER-AMTA, Atlanta has essentially become the hub for music therapy in the Southeast. And guess what?! Even if you are not local, with enough interest generated in your region, The MMT Academy can bring their courses to YOU.

2. Face-to-Face Instruction – Sometimes you just need to be in a the same space as your peers, interacting with others around you; making music, learning from each other, laughing, growing, and experiencing together. Some of us learn best that way, and some material is better presented in this setting.

1. Affordability – Let’s face it. We all need affordable CMTE options, because we all need CTMEs! Our course fees are comparable, if not lower, to those offered at conferences, but with us you can earn up to 12 CMTE credits in 2 days! More bang for your buck!

If you live in the Atlanta area, you only need to pay for course registration fees. No membership dues. No travel. No hotel. No fluff. If you don’t live in Atlanta, we give you all of the info you need to find the best hotel to fit your budget.

Our next MMT Academy CMTE Weekend Event is March 7-8, 2015. You can find all of our course offerings and registration information right here.

We guarantee to give you a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience that will immediately impact the way you practice music therapy. We can’t to see you in Atlanta this spring!

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Metro Music Therapy owns and operates The Metro Music Therapy Academy, which is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education courses through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. The MMT Academy,

[#P-140], maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.


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