#Wellness – It’s for Everyone!

No matter what our daily grind entails, we all need an outlet. We all need to decompress. We all need to take our health into our own hands. And if we can be preventative as opposed to reactive, it’s going to be better for all of us. 

Wellness programs have provided a return on investment of around 3 to 1 for both direct medical cost and productivity in the workplace. Wellness and Staff Support programs focus on prevention and corporations are finding that providing wellness services for their employees are beneficial in a number of ways.

Did you know that Metro Music Therapy leads wellness sessions for healthcare providers? Our therapists provide employees in high-stress work environments with much needed downtime that can be difficult to otherwise carve out for themselves.


Sam and Mallory led a Music Therapy & Wellness session at the Annual Retreat for the Georgia Society of Healthcare Chaplains in the fall of 2014.

Here at Metro we believe in wellness so much that we have started getting our team together once a month for our own wellness sessions! Our Clinical Director, Sarah Seo, is planning these events for us. Last month we had a morning full of coffee, conversation, and art. We created our own mandalas and had a chance to talk with the team about our current states of mind. It was such a relaxing and insightful morning for all of us. We can’t wait to see what Sarah has in store for us next month!

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