Metro Music Therapy PayPer

You need great Music Therapy marketing materials. We’ve got great Music Therapy marketing materials that we will customize for you for a great price. You just Pay Per item that you want!

“The hospice proposal package from MMT Payper was exactly what we needed to feel confident in approaching hospices to pitch music therapy services. The hospice proposal package includes research benefits for the client and family, and ideas for service delivery options. The hard work is completed for you, so all you need to do is study the package and decide how you will fit it in your rates and the specific needs of the hospice you are approaching. Thank you for sharing this resource with busy music therapists!”
Toneworks Music Therapy
“MMT Payper was exactly what I needed at a time when much of my thought processes were in disarray. Having just had a new baby and in the midst of growing my business at the same time, MMT Payper saved me at a time when my head was in a number of different places at once.”
Meryl Brown, Owner of Developing Melodies

Business Sense:

  • Contracting vs. Employment: Why You Want to Choose Us – $75.00
    (A complete overview on how to educate facilities about the benefits of contracting with your company vs. employing you)
  • Why You Need a Music Therapist – $40.00
    (a one-page fact sheet explaining how music therapists differ from volunteers and music educators)

Hospice Music Therapy:

  • Music Therapy vs. Music Volunteers Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • Hospice Music Therapy Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • Hospice Music Therapy: Handout for Hospice Professionals – $40.00
  • Hospice Music Therapy: Program Proposal – $175.00
  • Hospice Marketing Package (includes all of the above) – $225.00

Music Therapy in the Hospital Setting:

  • MT in Hospitals: Fact Sheet- $40.00
  • MT in Hospitals: Handouts for Medical Professionals – $40.00
  • NICU Music Therapy Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • NICU Music Therapy Program Proposal – $175.00
  • Hospital Marketing Package (includes all of the above) – $225.00

Music Therapy in Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse:

  • MT in Mental Health: Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • MT in Mental Health: Program Proposal – $175.00
  • MH & SA Package (includes all of the above) – $200.00

Music Therapy with At-Risk Youth:

  • MT with At-Risk Youth: Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • MT with At-Risk Youth: Program Proposal – $175.00
  • At-Risk Youth Marketing Package (includes all of the above) – $200.00

Music Therapy and Memory Care:

  • Music Therapy and Memory Care: Fact Sheet – $40.00
  • Music Therapy and Memory Care: Handouts for Facility Staff – $40.00
  • Music Therapy vs. Music Volunteers Fact Sheet: $40.00

Custom Orders:

  • Tell us what population you are targeting
  • Tell us what you need for your meeting/presentation
  • We make it all for you!
  • Custom packages start at $100.00 – email us to get this conversation started!

How to Order:

  1. Email a list of the MMT PayPer items you want customized to:
  2. Include your company logo as a .jpg file in the email
  3. We email you an invoice
  4. You pay via credit card or PayPal
  5. We work our magic and email your customized Payper
    materials within 10 business days of your processed
    payment. (Need a rush order? Email us asap to request your materials! $50 Rush fee will apply)