“Freedom isn’t free.”

We hear it so often, especially during the time surrounding patriotic holidays. But these words have been ringing loudly in my ear this weekend as I spend time with my family; drinking coffee in my pjs, watching movies, playing with legos, watching my children run through the sprinkler in their friends’ yard. My family is whole and complete this weekend and everyone is here with me enjoying this precious down time.

I doubt that any veteran or their family would want us to feel guilty for enjoying this holiday weekend while their loved one is overseas, here in the states working, or is home from active duty with a life-long injury or scar to remind them of their time-served. I don’t think that guilt will help anyone heal. I do think that each veteran and their family would appreciate a pause in our celebrating – just a moment to think about what their sacrifice has meant to them, their family, and what it is has done for each of us.

I wrote the song below this weekend and wanted to share it with you all. From my family to yours: thank you to all of the veterans and active-duty military who know the cost of our freedom.


Freedom Isn’t Free
© Mallory Even 2015

They say that freedom isn’t free
In the land of love and liberty
Some pay a price that’s never known
Some pay the price and never make it home
The land of the brave and the home of the free
We only hope that you can see…
Because you’ve served, I can tuck my children in at night,
Because you’ve served, I’ll follow my dreams into daylight
Because you’ve served, I know the price you paid for me
Because you’ve served, we can be free – ee – ee – ee (repeat)

Watch it here: