Candidates are perfect for this open job if:
You embody our company core values of:
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Warmth
  • Compassion
  • Making Genuine Connections
  • Having FUN!
You are energetic and passionate about Music Therapy.
You thrive in supportive yet autonomous work environments.
You live or want to live in the Metro Atlanta, GA area.
You are looking for PART-TIME work right now, but want to grow to Full-Time by August 2022.
You LOVE working with older adults, and are just as happy working with children & all ages in between!
You can run an MT group in your sleep (ok not really, but it must come naturally to you)!
You can play guitar proficiently.
You can sing any genre of music in a pleasing manner.
You are an MT-BC.
You are Licensed to practice MT in GA.
You can advocate for MT in a clear, concise, and effective way.
You can interface and build professional rapport with administration and support staff in facilities.
You are a cooperative team player and love working with other Music Therapists on a team.
You contribute new, creative and productive ideas to team meetings.
You can see and understand how your work within an organization contributes to the overall growth and success of that organization.