Everyone has a story; here’s ours.

Mallory has always had a heart for helping people and loved the idea of somehow coupling her passion for music with effecting positive change in the lives of others. When entering the scene at Florida State University as a freshman Music Education major (which she thought was the closest profession that existed to pursue her two passions), Mallory quickly learned about the degree program within the school of music which was created for people just like her. Music Therapy was introduced into her world, and upon hearing about the field and the vast array of ways in which music can help others, Mallory changed her major and never looked back. After completing her Bachelor’s degree coursework, a 6-month internship in the Leon County School System, and upon graduation from FSU, Mallory and her husband moved to Atlanta to begin their careers.

Mallory & Chris with the original MMT logo in 2010!

Born out of a need to add another day of work to her schedule, and combined with meeting families throughout the metro Atlanta who were ready to begin at-home music therapy services, Mallory took a leap of faith and opened the doors of Metro Music Therapy in late 2007. For the first few years of MMT’s existence, Mallory was the sole therapist on staff, running the behind-the-scenes business operations while also being the service provider, all while also working as a music therapist four days a week at an adult & geriatric inpatient psychiatric unit in Snellville, GA.

When Mallory and her husband decided to start their family in the fall of 2010, they were both surprised and abundantly blessed to find out they were expecting twins – one boy and one girl – in the spring of 2011. The anticipation of the complete overhaul on what Mallory’s day-to-day life would look like meant hiring more music therapists to staff the contracts MMT already had in place, which meant simultaneously pounding the pavement to continue getting new work for MMT’s newly-hired employees.

Mallory & her family at MMT’s 10th Birthday (Fall 2017)

Taking on a more administrative role after the twins were born allowed Mallory to fine tune a new set of skills, which she now uses everyday and is proud to have acquired: relentlessly advocating for the field of music therapy, networking and fostering genuine, positive relationships with other professionals, creating new music therapy programs for a wide variety of educational and healthcare systems in the metro Atlanta area, locating funding through grants and other resources for music therapy programs with limited budgets, and creating more and more music therapy jobs for the next generation of excited and eager music therapists.

Mallory has purposefully created a culture and environment within MMT that is reflective of her personality and what she values most in others around her: warmth, creativity, caring, honesty, and openness. While each member of the MMT team may come from different schools and backgrounds, their goals for Metro Music Therapy are all the same: to provide top-notch music therapy services to patients and clients who are in need; to serve the under-served; to validate the thoughts, emotions, and feelings our clients face when facing progressive diseases and life-limiting illnesses; and to show others they have value and worth in every stage of life.

If you are looking to work with a passionate team who leverages their creativity and kindness to effect positive change in the lives of everyone they encounter, you’ve found it.

We are Metro Music Therapy, and We Can Help. 

Metro Music Therapy celebrating the start of 2020!