Music Therapy in the NICU

Evidence-based music therapy treatment in the critical NICU setting is based on information about the needs of infants, medical and developmental goals of NICU care, and music therapy protocols documented in the research literature. Premature infants are extremely fragile and many begin their treatment at the most basic survival level. Through specific research-based techniques, music therapy has been proven successful in increasing premature infants’ tolerance to stimulation, resulting in faster weight gain and a decreased length of stay.

The National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy provides the education and training necessary for eligible Board-Certified Music Therapists to earn the designation of NICU MT. NICU Music Therapists provide safe and developmentally appropriate music therapy services to the infants in the NICU setting.

Metro Music Therapy has certified NICU Music Therapists on staff, and offers the following services to Hospitals in Atlanta who are interested in starting NICU Music Therapy Programs:

  • Consultation
  • NICU Music Therapy Program Design
  • In-services for Nursing and Medical Staff
  • NICU Music Therapy Program Staffing with Certified NICU Music Therapists
If your hospital is ready to start a NICU Music Therapy program, please contact us to learn more!