Metro Music Therapy & The Covenant House

covenant-houseWhen Jaye Budd, owner of Alchemy Sky Productions, approached Mallory in the fall of 2013, it was with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“I have been volunteering my time at Covenant House Georgia, and I want to make my time even more meaningful while there.  Will Metro Music Therapy work with me in 2014 to bring music therapy services to these homeless teens and young adults?”

A million times YES.

Covenant House Georgia {Atlanta} is the state’s only homeless shelter to serve both males and females ages 18 to 21, and they also have short-term crisis care for youth ages 12 to 17.  The beds at their shelter are always full and the waiting list is always long.

After meeting with the director of Covenant House and touring their facility, it was evident that the focus of the facility is on basic survival needs: food, shelter, education and employment.  Music therapy is a natural fit for teens and young adults who are seeking shelter from the street, and Alchemy Sky Productions is the reason that music therapy will now be a part of their lives.

Our music therapist Sam Shanine, works in collaboration with Alchemy Sky to bring music therapy to the teens and young adults who are residing in The Covenant House Georgia.  

You can learn more about all of the team players here: