Over the last year and a half, we have delivered songs all over the WORLD
through our very own MMT Singing Grams!

We have shared smiles, laughs, happy tears and sad tears with you;
We’ve sung Happy Birthday more times than we can count;
We’ve been silly and worn props,
We’ve been serious and sung Wedding songs,
And songs for Memorial services of loved ones gone too soon;
And through it all, we’ve brought people together.

How to Deliver an MMT Singing Gram to a Loved One:

Email Mallory (mallory @ metromusictherapyga.com) with the following information:

  • Date/Time request
  • Song request
  • The name & contact information of your loved one who will be receiving the live Singing Gram
  • The Occasion
  • We will email the recipient (and cc you) with the link for the Singing Gram and the date and time to login (the song you choose will remain a surprise until the delivery of the Singing Gram!)
  • The best part? You will be on the call, too, so that you can see your loved ones’ reaction! You can also send the link to other friends and family members if this is a gift from multiple people/families!

Help Spread the Word: When you post images and videos of your Singing Gram on social media, use #MMTSinginggram and @MetroMusicTherapy to help us spread the word! You can also ask the recipient to keep the love going by nominating another recipient!

Once the Singing Gram has been delivered, and we have made you and your loved one(s) smile, please consider tipping your Singing Gram-ist by sending a tip to paypal.me/metromusictherapy – 100% of the tip goes straight to the Singing Gram-ist!)